Sea World Distribution is: ProficiencyReliabilitySpeedClarityQuality


Because, over the years, we have gained systematic knowledge of our sector on the strength of the work experience through which we have achieved our proficiency and which still today is the cornerstone on which we build on and develop proficiency. With a single objective: satisfying in full every partner of ours.


Because we want to confirm ourselves as a single competent contact point, one that stands out for its commitment and the ability to be present whenever needed and to manage processes in full compliance with agreements. Our job is to take our partners by the hand and guide them to make the best choices in their own interest.


Because we believe that each customer needs to be assisted with no delays and no stress. We can count on a lean, streamlined structure, which ensures the utmost efficiency in finding solutions. We can quickly change our strategy based on market evolution, coaching and advising the customer from preliminary consulting to after-sales.


Because we aim for maximum transparency in our relationships with both our suppliers and our customers, trough a modern support experience that lives up to expectations. Every detail is agreed upon well in advance, clearly and unequivocally.


Because we are attentive not only to the quality of the products, but also to the quality of our sales and after-sales assistance, with a view to guaranteeing excellent results and improving the trust that our customers and suppliers have put in us.

Our Offices

Address: Via Franco Zorzi 15, CH-6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 91 826 48 40

Fax: +41 91 826 48 42

Italy: (+39) 06 98 35 26 45

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm

seaworld distribution office

Our daily mission is:

To constantly cultivate a relationship of close trust with our customers and suppliers, which stretches far beyond a simple work collaboration. This means carrying out our activities with greater enthusiasm and conviction, which is essential to finalise even the most ambitious projects.

More control

The product chain is subject to a continuous control procedure by the suppliers, who keep track of every lot and movement to guarantee the real origin of the product

More protection

Certified fishing and fish farms represent a very important form of protection for fish fauna, as well as for local communities and small producers

Greater safety

The products are safer as they are recognisable at any time based on their origin, producer and fishing or fish farming method

Greater value

Sourcing from identifiable producers shows you our dedication to selecting quality fish, molluscs, or crustaceans

Our history



Sea World Distribution was founded in Switzerland, in the city of Bellinzona, where our headquarters are still located.


In 10 years of activity, Sea World Distribution has become a well-established reality in the market, thanks to its first-rate regularity. We also hold certifications for sustainable fishing and aquaculture.


With over 10 top-notch exclusive distribution agencies, 11 brands, and hundreds of distributed containers, we are constantly growing and expanding.

Our Team